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Winning at the baccarat table take a lot more luck than skill as there is no player input into how the cards are dealt. You simply choose which betting option to place your money on - player, banker or tie. The key to winning on any casino game is to keep the house edge as low as possible.

Taking a look at the house edge on the baccarat bets we see that with an 8 deck game the player bet has an edge of 1.24%, the banker bet has an edge of 1.06% and the tie bet has a house edge of 14.36%. The amount of decks used can change these amounts but in general they are a good guide.

Now let's look at the payouts. Player pays 1 to 1, Banker pays 1 to 1 less 5% commission and tie pays 8 to 1. In the event of a tie both player and banker bets push and are returned to you.

From this we see that the best bet on the baccarat table is the banker bet. This means that in theory you should always bet on banker. Over the long term this will give the casino the lowest advantage and with a bit of luck you will be a winner. The 1.06% edge is very low for game that requires no skill.

The worst bet on the baccarat table is the tie. While the tie bet might offer an attractive pay off it is really a bad bet to make as the house edge is a huge 14.36%. Clearly casinos can afford to offer a great pay off on this be as over the long term they get to keep over 14% of money wagered on tie.

If you have ever played at a land based casino you would have seen players writing down the series of hands that have been dealt. This is a theory that by spotting patterns you can win big. In reality it does not work in the long term as there is really no way to predict a random event such as what cards will be dealt.

The odds of either player, banker or tie being dealt do not change for each hand. This means if you have had eight banker hands in a row the is the same chance of a banker hand being dealt again. Many player incorrectly assume that after a run of one result the next hand must be the other result. This is a myth.

Baccarat Winning Tips and Strategies

Here are some quick pints to consider before you hit the baccarat tables at a land based casino or one of the top online casinos.

  • Bet on Banker for the lowest house edge
  • Avoid the tie bet
  • Practice online for free with our Free Baccarat Game
  • Set a win / loss limit before you start playing
  • Have fun - playing baccarat is meant to be entertaining

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