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In the early days of online gambling the casinos offered very few games and the graphics were very basic. Today it is not uncommon for an online casino to have over 200 different games and all of the major software providers such as Microgaming and Playtech feature not only a lot of games but games with great graphics and realistic casino sounds. The most popular games are listed below, click on the game names for more details.

The most popular casino card game, Blackjack also known as 21 is a great game to play as it has a low house edge. Online you will find many different rule variations including several progressive blackjack games. The key to winning at blackjack is to learn basic strategy. A great resource for the is Ken Smith's Blackjack Info.

Your ain when playing blackjack is to get a hand totaling 21 or as close to 21 as possible. Numbered cards have their face value, Jacks, Queens and King are worth 10 and Aces can be either 11 or 1. Getting a ten and an ace is known as blackjack and on a normal game pays 3 to 2. Any other win pays 1 to 1. 

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Slot Machines
The one arm bandits have come a long way since they were invented by Charles Fey in the 1800's. All online casinos have slot games and most feature a range of different types such as three reel and five reel versions. Progressive slots offer the biggest prizes with the current online record being over $8,300,000.

Slots are very easy to play. You insert money, select how much you want to bet and press spin. The reels then spin and when they stop you are paid for any winning combinations you have lined up. Many of the newer video slots have additional bonus game such as free spins or pick a box style second screens.

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In US casinos it is hard to find roulette tables with just one zero. Single zero tables offer better odds of winning compared to double zero games. The good news is that every online casino we have played at has had European single zero tables. Roulette offers the chance at some big wins if you pick the right numbers.

The house edge on roulette varies depending on which of the bet types you make and so do the pay offs. In general the higher the pay off the higher the house advantage. Betting on a single number pays a nice 35 to 1 while betting on red or black pays of at a 1 to 1 ratio.

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Video Poker
With it's fast paced style and big jackpots on offer, Video Poker is a very popular game online. On of the great features of video poker games is the fact that you can work out the odds of any hand as well as the machine payout percentage just by looking at the payout table.

The most popular video poker variation is known as Jacks or Better. It gets this name due to the fact that the lowest winning hand is a pair of jacks or higher. Other popular variations include Deuces Wild where all of the cards with a value of two are wild and Double Bonus where there are bigger pays for four of a kind hands.

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The worlds most popular casino dice game is found at all good online casinos. Craps is an interesting game from a players point of view as some of the bets have a very low house edge while others have a huge house advantage. Stick to the Pass and Don't Pass bets for the best chances of winning.

The proposition bets such as Craps 2, Craps 3, 7, 11, Craps 12 or Any Craps are bets that win or lose on the next roll of the dice. While they offer big pay offs they all have a house edge of 10% or higher. If you are planning on winning then these bets should in most cases be avoided.

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Let It Ride Poker
A card game that uses standard poker hand rankings, Let It Ride games often come with the option to make a $1 side bet to win a progressive jackpot. The aim of the game is to make the best possible poker hand with your three cards and the dealers two. It is quite a simple game. You make an ante which consists of three identical bets and receive three cards. You can then remove one bet or let it ride.

The dealer is then dealt one card and again you have the option of pulling one of your bets or letting it ride. After the final betting round the dealer receives their last card and any wins are paid. The lowest winning hand is a pair of tens.

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Caribbean Stud Poker
A game of beating the dealer, Caribbean Stud is played with a 52 card deck. Your aim is to get the best possible poker hand and beat the dealers hand. There is more often than not a progressive side bet option where there is a progressive jackpot that is won if you hit a royal flush. This side bet has a high house edge.

The game uses an ante and bet format. You start a game by placing an ante on the table. You are then dealt five cards and the dealer is dealt five with one card face up. If you like your hand you can bet if you don;t you can fold. The dealers hand is then revealed and wins pays. Pay offs vary from hand to hand but one point to note is that the dealer must have Ace King or higher to qualify. If you have a good hand and the dealer does not qualify you are simply paid at 1 to 1.

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Very popular among high rollers, Baccarat is a very simple game to play and it also has a low house edge. You simply choose whether to bet on Banker, Player or draw and then the cards are dealt according to a pre-determined set of rules. Nine is the magic number at the baccarat table and in known as a natural.

A baccarat hand can never go over nine. If it does then the one is removed from the number. For example a ten and a king equals zero, a ten and a six equals six. Your best bet when playing baccarat is to bet on the banker every time as it has the lowest house advantage.

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Three Card Poker
A fast paced poker game, 3 Card Poker offers two different type of betting options for every hand. The ante and the pair plus bet. The aim of the game is to make the best possible poker hand out of just the three cards you are dealt. This makes straights out rank a flush as there are fewer ways to make a three card straight.

The pair plus bet pays a fixed amount according to a special pay table. Wins start at a pair and go up to a straight flush. The ante bet also has various pay offs but for you to win on a hand the dealer must have queen high or better. If you have a good hand but the dealer does not qualify you are paid at 1 to 1.

If you like playing the lottery then online keno is well worth checking out. All online casinos have at least one keno game and many have more than one. Keno is very easy to play. You simply select numbers from a board of 80 numbers and then wait for the numbers to be drawn. Just like the lottery your aim is the match the numbers that are draw. Matching all the numbers yields the biggest wins.

Some online casinos have progressive keno. These games offer an even bigger pay day if you hit all of the numbers as the jackpot grows as people play. The highest keno jackpot we have seen go off online was just over $400,000 - pretty good considering the bet was only 75 cents!

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