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A card card which is very popular with high rollers. Pronounced Ba-ca-rah the game has three betting options - player, banker or tie.

Banker (Baccarat & Pai Gow Poker)
One of the possible bets on a baccarat game (The best bet in fact as it has the lowest house edge) and the player who books the action in Pai Gow Poker.

A players budget for gambling in a particular session or for all gambling. High rollers are known for having very large bankrolls.

Base (Craps)
The area on the craps table where most bets are made and paid

Base Dealer (Craps)
The dealer / casino employee who is in charge of one of the bases on the craps table. Takes care of betting and paying out wins.

Basic Strategy (Blackjack)
A mathematically based strategy to play every hand according to the best possible chance of winning. To get the best out of blackjack you need basic strategy.

The act of wagering or gambling on any casino game. Also can be the individual amount of money placed on any particular outcome occurring.

Betting Limits
The ranges of bet sizes that a casino game allows. For example a blackjack table may have a $25 / $300 limit meaning you can bet between $25 and $300 per hand.

Black Chip
The most common color of a casino chip worth $100

A casino card game where the aim is to get a hand of 21 or as close to 21 without going over. You need to beat the dealers hand to win.

Blackjack Hand

Your cards when playing blackjack. A "blackjack" is any first two cards with a total of 21. This means you need an Ace and any card with a value of ten.

Blind Bets (Poker)
Certain bets that plaers have to make depending on their position related to the button. For example the small blind and big blind in Texas Hold em.

Bluff (Poker)
When a poker player with no hand or a poor hand makes a bet or bets indicating that hey have a good hand

Bring-in (Poker)
Relates to the game of Seven Card Stud. The player with the lowest up-card is required to make a bet known as the Bring-in.

Burn Card
(Card Games)
A burn card is any card that is removed from the deck. For example when playing Let it Ride the first card drawn from the shoe by the dealer is discarded.

Bust (Blackjack)
When the total of your blackjack hand exceeds 21 you hand cannot win and is bust. Also refers to a player who has lost their entire bankroll.

Button (Poker)
A circular disc that is moved around the poker table to indicate the dealer position.
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