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Call (Poker)
When a player makes a bet matching the previous bet made.

Card Counting (Blackjack)
The system of tracking the cards in a blackjack game. Can give the player an edge of the casino and can also get you banned from casinos.

Caribbean Stud Poker
A variation of five card poker played against the casino. Offers big wins for hands such as a royal or straight flush. Often has a progressive jackpot side bet.

Cashiers Cage
The area in the casino where a player can exchange their chips in currency.

Round discs used at the casino or poker room in place of real money. Casino chops come in a variety of denominations.

Cold (Slot Machines)
Used to refer to a slot machine that has not paid out any wins for a while. Also refers to video poker games that are not paying out.

Complete Hand (Poker)
Refers to a poker hand that uses all five cards. For example a royal flush, straight, flush and a full house are complete hands.

Complementary gifts given to players based on the amount of action they give the casino. Higher rollers receive the biggest comps.

Credit Button (Machine Games)
A button found on all slot machines and video poker machines that converts cash into credits for the game.

Means "dealer" in French. Most commonly used to describe the dealers in the games of blackjack and baccarat although applies to all table games.

Cycle (Video Poker)
The statistical number of hands required between a royal flush. The actual occurrence of a royal flush can happen at any time.

Cut (Card Games)
In card games after the deck has been shuffled the deck is split in two and the top and bottom half are reversed.

Cut Card
A card that is used to cut the cards. Often the cut card is a colored plastic card.
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