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Any two cards in a hand that have the same face value. For example two aces.

Palette (Baccarat)
The paddle used by the croupier to scoop the cards

To miss a round of betting on any table game.

Pay Cycle (Machine Games)
The long term cycle that slot machines and video poker machine go through over thousands or millions of hands / spins.

Pay Line (Slots)
The line on a slot machine where you have to line up the symbols to win. Some slots have more than one pay line.

Pay Off Schedule
The table that shows the different pay offs for the available bets. Often refers to the list of possible wins on a video poker machine or slot machine.

The area in the casino between a group of casino table games. Home of the pit boss who monitors all activity.

A person who wagers on any form of gambling game

Pot (Poker)
The amount of money that is in the center of the table and will be won by the winner the hand.

Progressive Slots
Slot machine games which have a top jackpot prize that grows as people play. the opposite of a Flat Top slot machine.

Another expression for a casino games player or person who bets on events such as football or horses.

Push (Blackjack)
Occurs when the players hand and the dealers hand are of equal value. This results in the bet being returned to the player.
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