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Every game in a casino has a mathematical edge in the casinos favor. While they like to make you believe that you will win every time you play this is not the case for 99% of players. In the long term the casino always wins - that's why you now see multi billion dollar hotel casinos in places such as Las Vegas.

Knowing that you will not always win is an important thing to keep in mid every time you play. Below we have a list of do's and don't's when it comes to gambling online or offline. Further down we discuss some basic tips and strategies to give yourself the best chance of walking away a winner.

  • Do set a budget before you play
  • Do learn how to play the game you are playing
  • Do set realistic winning goals
  • Do set aside money if you win to avoid losing your winnings
  • Do set a time limit for your gambling sessions
  • Do join the casinos VIP or Comp program
  • Do have the occasional bet on a high pay off game such as a progressive
  • Do bet within your limits
  • Don't chase your losses
  • Don't play when you are tired or drunk
  • Don't play games that you do not understand
  • Don't spend your entire bankroll in one session
  • Don't aim to win millions every time you play
  • Don't bet with money you cannot afford to lose
  • Don't chase big jackpots
  • Don't play back all of your winnings if you get ahead
  • Don't increase your bets if you find you are on a losing streak

If you stick to all of the do's and don'ts listed above you will be well on the way to having a sound strategy every time you games. Taking a closer look at some of the points above one of the biggest tips we can give you is to set a budget before you play and stick to it. At a land based casino it is easy to leave your credit cards in your room, online you can use a web wallet as outlined in our Bankroll section.

Learning how to play is also of utmost importance. If you play a game you do not understand then you will more than likely make mistakes which gives the casino an even higher edge than they already have. There have been countless times when I have been sitting at a casino table and seen a player make all sorts of crazy moves only to have them announce it is the first time they have played.

Some games are easier to learn than others but you will find that if you become familiar with all the aspects of the games you like that not only will you keep the house edge to it's lowest point but you will also enjoy playing a lot more. If you are totally new to gambling then we suggest playing either baccarat and betting on banker or blackjack and learning basic strategy.

Having realistic goals is also important. If you try to always turn $100 into $100,000 you will find that this happens very few time if any. Aim for a realistic win target and you will get there much more often. It is a good idea to always put your winnings aside from you regular bankroll. This way when you leave the casino you will be guaranteed to walk away with what you have won or if you have had a bad session you will still have something to take with you.

Having said that there is on tip that we always like to try when we have had a winning session. Find one of the big progressive games such as slots or caribbean stud poker and play one or two bets. It only takes on lucky spin or deal to win these life changing prizes and often the winners have only played a couple of games before the big one hits.

Finally you should always gamble with money that you can afford to lose. If you are playing with money you need for other things then you should seriously consider that you may have a gambling problem. Treat gambling as a form of entertainment and you should always have a good time whether you win or lose. Remember bet with your head and not over it.

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