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If you have never played online before then this article should give you all of the information that you need to get started. While there may be slight differences from casino to casino once you have opened an account at one you should be familiar enough with the process that it is easy to apply the knowledge to joining others. We cover these steps we cover in this article as well as answer some common questions about online gambling and casinos.

  • Setting up the software on your computer
  • Registering an account at the casino
  • Making a deposit
  • Navigating the game menus and options
  • Making a withdrawal

Virtually all online casinos require that you download their free software to play. You will always find a download link featured prominently on their web site so simply click the download link and the software will download to your computer. Once the download is complete you need to install the software.

Installing an online casino is just like installing any other type of software. You double click on the icon for the download and the installation program will start. here you can simply click next until you get to the point where the software is installing. Once the casino is installed you are ready to run the software so that you can open a player account.

During the installation an icon for the casino will usually appear on your desktop. If it is not there look in your "All Programs" section of the start menu. Click the link and the casinos software will load. Now you are ready to sign up. Click the join button and a form will appear requesting a range of details. Fill all of the details in and you account will be created instantly.

It is worth noting that all good casinos have a strict privacy policy so your information will be kept safe. It is also very important that when signing up you give your correct details. The reason for this is that if you join using false details you will have trouble when it comes time to withdraw your winnings. Online casinos take fraud very seriously so it's best to avoid anything but the truth.

Now that you have an account you are ready to buy some chips. Click the banking or cashier button and you will be taken to the secure banking area. Here you can choose your deposit method, select how much you would like to deposit and then go ahead and click the process button to finalize the purchase.

On to the games. All casinos now have a range of different games so there is always some sort of game menu. These are commonly separated into game types so for instance you will find card games, slot games, table games and video poker. Click on the category choice to see all of the games on offer. Click on a game name to load that game. You may find that the first time that you click on a game it has to be downloaded - this is normal and only happens once per game.

Now with the game loaded up you are ready to play. If you have any questions regarding what the buttons do then look for a help button and click it. all good casinos have a comprehensive help section where you will find general help information about the software and detailed information about the games.

Fast forward to the winnings. Lets say you have doubled your bankroll and decided you want to cash out your winnings. Again you go to the banking section but this time look for the withdraw button. Fill in the details and the casino will process your withdrawal. If it is your first cash out you may be asked for proof of identity.

A point to note is that you do not have to spend your whole purchase in one session. You can log out of the casino with money in your account and it will all still be there the next time you log in. There is no need to withdraw your money every time you switch off the software.

That's it - you should now be ready to jump right in and start gambling online. Below we answer some common question from new players.

Are the games fair?
Yes, you have to remember that all casino games already have a house edge so there is no need for the casinos to have unfair games. They will make money in the long term just with this edge. You will also see that many online casinos are independently audited on a month basis to show players what the payout percentages on the games were in the previous month.

If the casinos had unfair games and players always lost they would not be in business for very long. Players like you and me like to win so it is actually in the casinos best interest to have lots of winners. Check out some of the latest winners when you visit your favorite casinos web site.

Is it safe to use my credit card?
Yes, billion of dollars are processed every year in online gambling purchases. The casinos use the same level of security that online banking institutions use. If you are wary of using your credit card online the we suggest opening a web wallet account or getting yourself a pre-paid debit card. See our Casino Banking section.

What happens if I get disconnected when I am playing?
The casinos have this covered, Internet disconnections happen all the time. What happens is your last bet or the last play you made is saved on the casinos computer servers. When you log in after you have been disconnected the last game you played will be in exactly the same position it was when your connection dropped.

How much can I win online?
There is no limit to the amount you can win. If you want to go for the biggest possible wins then we suggest looking at the progressive games such as slot machines as these can often have million dollar plus jackpots available.

What happens if I have a dispute?
If it happens that something happens that you are not happy with (Other than losing money) you should always contact your casinos support staff first. In 99% of cases problems are cleared up quickly. Word travels fast on the Internet so the casinos will generally try to resolve all issues and keep players happy.

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