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In terms of systems for casino games roulette has hundreds of so called winning systems. The biggest problem with these "roulette systems" is that almost all of them are based on flawed logic and the only ones that stand a chance of working are illegal. So is there a way to really beat casino roulette?

The answer is yes - but there is a big catch. It has been proven on several occasions that if a player has the correct tools the outcome of a roulette game can be predicted with relatively good accuracy. This has been documented in the Breaking Vegas documentary series. The catch is that if you try use this method in any casino in the world you will be breaking the law.

So is there a way to legally beat roulette? Unfortunately no - the casinos like their edge and roulette like all other casino games has an inbuilt edge that means the casino will always win over the long term.

There are a lot of betting strategies and tips available for roulette but all of them are based on a flawed idea that the next spin is somehow related to the next. For example with many of the progression betting techniques you increase your bet after every loss in the hop of ending up a winner. Let's take a look at why this fails.

Most of these strategies have you bet on an even money outcome such as red / black or odd / even. Instantly there is a bit of a problem as there is also at least one zero on the roulette wheel and sometimes two zeros. This extra number or numbers make the so called 50/50 bets not quite 50/50 anymore.

Let's say you have a table with betting limits between $5 and $100. The strategies say you start with a $5 bet on an outcome and if you win you stay at $5. If you lose you make the same bet with $10. The theory is that if you stay with the same bet that eventually you will win. Sound good? Not quite so good.

Outcomes on the roulette table are random and are in no way effected by previous games. If you have ever played roulette for a long session you would have seen what seem to be unusual streaks of one our come or another. This happens with random games and cannot be predicted.

So you start off with a $5 bet on red. You hit a big streak of black and your bets are as follows $5, $10, $20, $40, $80 and then ... $160 - but wait the table limit is $100 so you cannot continue making bigger bets so with just five losses the system falls apart. Of course table limits will vary but this is a big problem.

The second issue is that even if you win on say the fourth round. You have already lost $35 ($5 + $10 + $20) and you have a $40 bet on the table. You win $40 with the fourth bet and while you did win you are only $5 ahead. This means you are betting bigger and bigger amounts to win a very small amount.

There are quite a few variations on the betting progression strategy such as negative progression and other but the all have the same flaws. Even if there have been 100 evens in a row it does not mean that the next outcome will be odd. Each game of roulette has exactly the same odds of any outcome occurring.

In conclusion, there is no legal way to beat roulette. It is still a great game to play as it offers the chance at some big wins but don't for a moment think that playing roulette might be a key to getting rich. Play for entertainment and you will always win no matter if you end up ahead or behind.

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