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Keeping in mind that all casino games give the casino an advantage, you need to do everything possible to make this advantage as small as possible. Apart from playing perfect strategy there is one other thing that can help give you a better chance of winning or at the very least give you the most value for your gambling dollars. These are casino comp or VIP programs.

All land-based and online casinos have comp programs and while there are differences between the online and offline versions they both offer the same thing - rewards based on the amount of action you give the casino. At land-based casinos these rewards tend to be things such as free room, show tickets or meals while online the comps are more often than not just additional free money.

When you join a new casinos for the first time you should always check to see if you are automatically enrolled in the VIP program or if you have to join. If you are not automatically joined then you should sign up before you make any bets. This way you will get the maximum possible rewards right from the start.

So how to comp programs work? Online you will find that every bet you make whether you win, lose or draw will earn you points. It is common for the value of every $10 bet made to be worth 1 point. The value of the points range from casino to casino but in general you will find that 1,000 points equals $10 or free money. This might seem like a very small amount but when you consider that even a small deposit can be wagered hundreds of times over it does add up quickly.

Comp points also vary from game to game at many casinos. So for instance if you play slots you might get 3 points for every $10 wagered but if you play craps you might only get 1 per $10 wagered. In general the games with the higher house advantage are rewarded with better comps. All good casinos will have a detailed outline of their comp program listed on their web site.

You will also find that if you become a regular play at one casinos that you will be offered better comps than those who only play once in a while. For instance InterCasino has a range of programs including the Platinum VIP program for high rollers where comps are worth much more than the standard program and players are offered bonuses of up to $5,000 per month.

Some online casinos have taken comp point a step further. In particular the casinos operated by the Belle Rock Gaming Group which includes top sites such as the Gaming Club, The River Belle and the Lucky Nugget. In addition to being able to redeem your points for cash at these casinos you can use your points to bid on the Belle Rock auctions. These auctions are between Belle Rock players only and points are used for bidding. Items include all kinds of merchandise as well as hard to get sporting tickets, cars, boats and other big ticket items.

Finally many online casinos also offer daily, weekly and month special promotions. These range from cash giveaways to cars to addition comp points. You should always keep an eye out for these promotions as you will get the chance to get additional value from your gambling money.

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